• Katie-Ann


My sister. Anyone who is blessed enough to have a sister knows the struggle all too well. One minute you're all alice in wonderland and super happy, the next, you're fist fighting each other because someone has walked downstairs wearing your latest addition to your wardrobe... Still somehow, your bond is like no other. She't the honest one who really will tell you whether your ass looks big in that, or whether yellow is your colour. And let's be honest, she isn't going to be faint about it either.

Of course having a sister who is a makeup artist is a dream come true. However with this territory comes the following calls (on a regular basis might I add)

"Hey sis! What time will you be home? I have ....'s party and I NEED my makeup done."

The conversation is then followed by a deep sign by myself as i've most likely just finished a full day of clients, or a bridal party. And no matter how many times she tries to convince me so, she never gives me warning.. [Okay, maybe once she's made an "appointment"]

The look I have done here on Anna here was festival inspired. She naturally has piercing blue eyes, waist long blonde hair and a qwirky confidence like no other. She informed me of her outfit choice for the festival. Tan 35 year old rodeo boots which my aunty wore in the 80s, high waisted torn shorts & swede leather crop top with around 30,000 leather tassels hanging off it. Anyone who knows Anna, she pulled it off! To compliment her blue eyes, I swept a soft rose gold over her lids, accentuating the outer corner with a deep mahogany from the Morphe "Spice" palette. A defined wing liner, a set of fluffy lashes and a terracotta brown lip and she was on her way.